Take hands with us


Choose from one of the causes on the Vernon Philander Foundation list
or tell us more about a cause you would like to contribute to.

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    Lend a helping Hand

    “There is no such thing as a small act of kindness.”

    Every donation sheds a ray of hope in the life of someone in need.

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    Take hands with the Vernon Philander Foundation

    Donations are channelled through the Vernon Philander Foundation. Donators can choose where they would like to shed hope.

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    Hand Picked Goodness from Harvest Foods

    Harvest Foods is the Food Distributor that works with the Vernon Philander foundation to make sure to supply those in need with a highly nutritious wholesome meal.

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    Hand over Happiness

    A wholesome product is delivered to the chosen organisation or cause.
    They are supplied with a nutritional meal that will sustain them throughout the day.

Happy Heroes Unite!

Happy Heroes is a proud product of Harvest Foods.  With our young future leaders in mind, we aim to provide a nutritional educational meal to start their mornings.  We know that being a hero is such a difficult task.  We want to provide our little heroes with all the nutrition they need to make a difference in their communities.  Our fun interactive packaging as well as the Happy Heroes pledge will create a community of Happy Heroes where emotional and physical growth is stimulated.

Become part of the Happy Heroes community today.

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