Our mission

The heart of Harvest is to provide nutritious meals by taking hands with corporate communities and equipping and shaping the minds of our leaders of tomorrow.

About us

The seeds we plant today can make a significant difference in reaching the ideal of a nutritionally balanced lifestyle.  Together we can take hands to plant the fundamental principles needed for a successful and sustainable future harvest.

Companies that join our cause can look forward to the viable difference that we can make together.  All donations and funds are channelled through our joint venture with the Vernon Philander Foundation, to ensure that WE REACH OUT TO THE HANDS THAT NEED IT MOST.

Harvest is a brand that sprouted its roots in the heart of the Western Cape. We strive to provide the best nutritional products while helping to build a sustainable community where growth is encouraged.


Our Collaboration

By taking hands with

Our wholesome meal reach those who need the nutrition the most

By taking hands with

We can provide those in need with
a wholesome meal