Our Collaboration of Taking Hands


Harvest is a brand that sprouted its roots in the heart of the Western Cape. We strive to provide the best nutritional products while helping to build a sustainable community where growth is encouraged. Harvest considers its values and ethical principles as the fundamentals to sustainable growth.

There are so many South Africans facing the challenge of malnutrition and providing a nutritionally balanced meal for their families. Despite the battle of fighting against unemployment, South Africa also faces several socio-economic challenges that make a healthy nutritional lifestyle an unreachable ideal.


The Vernon Philander Foundation was established in 2013 and it prides itself in assisting disadvantaged communities with social development and the upliftment of schools as well as focusing on the upkeep of the facilities at the sports and recreation grounds specifically in the Ravensmead community where the founder, Vernon Philander began his cricketing career.

To date, the Vernon Philander Foundation has refurbished the library at Webner Primary School as well as annually raising funds for this no-fee school.

The Vision and Mission of the Vernon Philander foundation is aimed at promoting and empowering the awareness of drug & alcohol abuse and the effects of gangsterism within society.

It therefore commits itself to community upliftment by way of creating opportunity through sport and recreation as well as creating educational programmes to uplift the youth in the Ravensmead community.


Nutritious Meals

We aim to provide a nutritious meal that will assist individuals to do daily tasks at their best. A highly specialized team has perfected the optimal use of raw and nutritionally loaded ingredients to provide consumers with a delicious, nutritional boost in every bowl. Our highly nutritional porridge is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals and provides a one bowl solution for sustainability during the day.


Taking Hands

We believe in taking hands with corporate communities. The seeds we plant today can make a significant difference in reaching the ideal of a nutritionally balanced lifestyle. Together we can take hands to plant the fundamental principles needed for a successful and sustainable future harvest. Companies that join our cause can look forward to the viable difference that we can make together. All donations and funds are channelled through our joint venture with the Vernon Philander Foundation, to ensure that we reach out to the hands that need it most.


Shaping Minds

We also focused on equipping and shaping the minds of our leaders of tomorrow. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when you feed your body the right food, you also feed your mind.  We strive to encourage young minds to learn about the importance of starting the day with a nutritious meal. Our highly nutritious range will provide a base for people to realise the importance of a nutritionally balanced lifestyle.  Children need to eat properly in order to get them through the day concentrating on academics and performance on the sport field.  This product is suitable for any family member. The brand is divided in a children’s range Happy heroes (3-10) and an Adult/Family range PEAK (10 and up).